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After we receive your quote comparison table, we share your contact details with the main suppliers who provide the cheapest quotes. That's how we make money.

We do not control the price, the duration of the offers or the special conditions relating to the comparator prices. These are set by the suppliers and are subject to change if: The original information submitted was inaccurate. Additional items & cuts are requested The project location is more than 15 miles away from the supplier's location The requested stone is discontinued. The length of a single piece of work surface with no joint. The size of the slabs may be different for natural stone such as granite and marble. Your supplier will discuss any potential cost changes with you.

No. You do not need to register. We only need a few basic contact details in order to communicate quotations with you.

You need: the size of the project (specific measures), where your project is located and your contact information.

RatedWorktops is the only service to compare the surface prices of stone in the United Kingdom. RatedWorktops allows you to: 1. Save Money: With RatedWorktops, we find suppliers focused on providing the cheapest quotations in order to remain competitive, while delivering on quality. 2. Save time: Submit a form and you can get multiple quotes, saving you time by browsing dozens of individual websites or visiting suppliers. 3. Variety of choices: Our service can open your eyes to the hard-to-find offers of new providers that are more cost-effective and of better quality.

We compare estimates for all interior surface projects of all sizes, such as: 1. Kitchen stone worktops (Quartz, Granite and Marble Worktops). 2. Bathroom Worktops, Vanities, Walls . . . etc. 3- Floors

Yes. Like any other comparison service, you can edit your data and resubmit it to get new results.

As soon as you click on "submit", our search engine matches the best offer based on your stone color and/or brand.

There are different terms for each supplier. The majority for 14 days, but we advise you to submit a new quote if you do not make a decision within 2 weeks.