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Worktops Cost Guide

Kitchen renovation might cost you a lot and is a lot of work. But, it can also get you the dream kitchen that you have always wanted. Renovating your kitchen not only ensures that it looks great, but that it performs great as well. While planning the perfect kitchen makeover, there are so many things that you need to consider. And, kitchen worktops are among the most important aspects. They can completely change the look of your kitchen and create a vibrant look that impresses everyone.

Here we will help you figure out the cost of replacing your worktop and the factors that can affect your quote.


How much does it cost to replace my worktop?


If you're buying a new worktop or refurbishing your existing worktop, use our quotes comparison service to get the best deal. Whether you opt for glass, laminate, quartz, marble, wood, or granite worktops, they will be large, heavy, and cumbersome. You should not take the job of installing them upon yourself and contact the professional kitchen fitters. Now, the costs of worktop installation will vary depending on a lot of factors. Just installing the worktop can cost about £125. If you want to fit a sink into the worktop, the cost can rise to about £200. In case the worktops are more complicated or intricate, the installation cost will increase accordingly.


One of the most important factors that affect the price of a worktop is the type of material you select. The more expensive your material is, the higher supply and labour costs you will have to pay. Here is what the average cost of some materials looks like:


1. Stone material

This includes countertops made of marble, granite, slate, and soapstone.


Granite was once found only in expensive and high-end kitchens. Today, it has become one of the most popular and common natural-stone worktops. Once the granite has been cut and polished, an impregnating sealer is applied to it to make the worktop stain resistant. It is available in a wide range of colours including midnight black, deep red, vibrant blues, etc.


Marble can be considered as a high-end natural stone worktop that is available in fewer colours than the granite one. Compared to granite, it is porous and soft. But, it is considered almost perfect for activities like making fresh pasta or baking.


Slate and Soapstone both are available in fewer options than granite. Slate is nonporous and doesn’t require much maintenance whereas soapstone is porous and has to be sealed using mineral oil for reducing staining.


2. Wood

Wood worktops can be a great option for a kitchen work surface. In most cases, these are made using maple, dense and blond hardwood. Other wood options include oak, teak, birch, walnut, and cherry. Wood worktops can be fabricated using three ways.


The first one is the edge-grain worktop that is made using thick, long wood strips glued together with their edge grain facing in the upward direction. The second one is the end-grain worktop that is made using short and square wood sticks joined together with their end grain facing in the upward direction. The last one is the wide-plank worktop that is made by gluing together wide boards through their edges. It is the most susceptible to warping and cracking.


3. Laminate

Also known as Formica, laminate is a durable material that works well for the toughest of kitchens. It comes in a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures. However, for the worktop, you should only use the one with a fine-matte or matte finish. You shouldn’t use a textured laminate as a kitchen worktop as the raised ridges can start showing wear quickly.


There are two kinds of laminate - general purpose and vertical grade. The general-purpose laminate should be used for worktops. The vertical grade is meant for drawer faces, cabinet doors, and backsplashes.


The average cost of the stone material with white marble effect will cost an average of somewhere between £1800 and £4000. The solid wood countertop made of dark oak costs about £700 to £1500. The marble-effect laminate worktop costs around £400 to £800.


Calculating the average cost:


When you are replacing your worktops in the kitchen, there are two factors that will be affecting the cost:


1. Type of worktop

This is the biggest factor that comes into play while determining the total cost of the worktop replacement job. If you use heavy materials, the labor costs will increase. Customized materials will have a major impact on the price as well. But, the biggest impact is made by the material choice. If you want a cheap worktop, laminate worktop might be the option for you as their start price is about £35 per m2. Natural materials like marble and granite cost more and start from about £270 to £300 per m2. Another factor that affects the cost of the worktop is whether it is off the shelf or custom. If you don’t want to join the worktops to cover the whole surface, you can have a custom-made worktop. But, this increases the price significantly.


2. Size of worktop

While determining the size of your worktop, you have to think about two factors. The first one is the surface area which is quite straightforward. If the area of the work surface is more, the worktop will cost more. The second one is the thickness. The standard sizes of worktops are 1.2 cm, 2.8 cm, and 3.8 cm. As the worktop gets thicker, its durability and cost increase as well.


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3. Additional costs

When you are considering replacing your kitchen worktops, there are some other jobs that you can get done as well. Depending on these, the costs might arise:

  • The edging tape is needed to give a clean finish to your kitchen worktops. Through this, you can cover the worktop’s cut ends so that it looks like the rest of the worktop. It can cost somewhere between £9-£12 per 3m rolls.

  • If your kitchen has more mitered corners, installing the worktops will take more time which will increase the cost. Having windowsill, splash-back, and exposed upstands can increase the cost considerably as well.

  • You need to consider the hob and sink cutout cost as well. The fabrication cost will cover 2 cutouts, but adding more cuts or a special cut can increase the cost up to £100.

Benefits of replacing the worktops:


1. Feel of a new kitchen

Your worktops are one of the major items that influence the kitchen’s look. By using a different material or a different colour will make you feel like you are working in a new kitchen. Also, it is a lot cheaper than installing a whole new kitchen.

2. Updated kitchen

Since the kitchen is among the most important rooms of your house, updating its look can make it more exciting for you to be there. You can select a worktop that makes your kitchen more stylish.

3. Hygienic surface

If the existing worktop is burnt, scratched, or pitted, it will be impossible to keep it free of germs and clean. Texture in the workspaces is just spaces for the dirt to accumulate. Replacing the worktop will make cleaning your kitchen easier.

4. Increased value

By improving the kitchen worktop, you can increase the value of your house. Ripping out a kitchen is an expensive job and no one wants to do that to their new house. Having a new worktop that is cheap will give your old kitchen a new life.

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