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The costs to update your kitchen or bathroom worktops don’t have to be substantial. You can get a great price and achieve cost savings on your next project.

Here’s where we come in.

We are RatedWorktops, a price comparison service specialising in bringing you the best deals on worktops and all manner of interior surface renovation projects. It includes kitchen & bathroom worktops, flooring, wall claddingbar or restaurant countertops, facades, in residential and commercial spaces.

At RatedWorktops, we can help bring the cost down by providing you with the cheapest quote.

Why use RatedWorktops as your worktop advisor?


We save you money:

The UK’s leading suppliers vie for your business, and the inevitable result is a compromise on price while keeping quality intact.

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We save you time:

Fill our online form and get multiple quotes, saving you time searching through dozens of individual websites.


We offer more choices:

The more your options, the better your chances of identifying a near-perfect deal for your renovation.


How it Works?

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  • Interested suppliers return with quotes

  • We ready the quotes in a single email


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Save with RatedWorktops

Save with RatedWorktops

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