Quartz Worktops Cost

Compare quotes before you begin to spend money on your worktop

Whether it is for a new kitchen or for refurbishing your existing kitchen, smart people are going for quartz countertops. The top reasons are: great appearance, durability and easy to clean.

How Much Does it Cost?

Two factors decide the cost of a quartz countertop.

i. Cost of the stone.

ii. Fabrication & Installation charges.

Quartz Worktop

The average per square foot cost, including fabrication & installation, is between £30 and £100. A mid-range countertop will require 54 square feet of stone and the cost will range between £1600 and £5,400, but you also need to be aware of the costs from different suppliers as they can vary greatly. At RatedWorktops, we can help bring the cost down by providing you with the cheapest quote in your local area. Here is a real example of our price comparison based on the quality of white quartz. 

Price Comparison Example.png

If you are planning to use quartz in your interior surface renovation project, use our quotes comparison service to find the best deals in your local area.