Quartz Kitchen Countertops are an Investment. Here’s Why!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

quartz worktop

Whether it is for a new kitchen or for refurbishing your existing kitchen, smart people are going for quartz countertops. The top reasons are:

i. Great appearance.

ii. Durability.

iii. Easy to clean.

A quality that sets apart these engineered stone worktops is that they do not have the many cons of natural stone.

Option for Choice

These stones are manufactured in the factory. This allows the producers to bring out many colors. The luxurious and rich look of the stones will make it easy for the user to complete his or her theme for the kitchen.

Cleaning a Quartz Countertop

Believe it or not, natural water is enough to get a shining quartz countertop. At the same time, users advise the use of very mild cleaner and polishing substance with the below characteristics:

i. Neutral pH.

ii. Formula that is streak-free.

iii. Non-toxic.

iv. Biodegradable.

Spray the mild chemical on the countertop and wipe everything off with a soft cloth. Follow this up with normal water and your quartz top will look like new.

How Much Does it Cost?

Two factors decide the cost of a quartz countertop.

i. Cost of the stone.

ii. Installation charges.

The average per square foot cost, including installation, is between £50 and £100. A mid-range countertop will require 54 square feet of stone and the cost will range between £2,700 and £5,400.

Here is a price comparison based on the quality of the quartz:

Basic quartz: £2,900 to £3,250.

Next grade: £3,200 to £3,600.

Top-quality: £3,550 and £3,900.

The above include only the costs of the stone and the installation charges can be anywhere between £150 and £280.

Save With RatedWorktops

Before you begin to spend money on your kitchen, make sure to approach a good rate comparison agency like RatedWorktops to get in-depth information into the current prices of different suppliers. This will help you by:

i. Saving Time.

ii. Saving money.

iii. Provision of greater choice.

They will provide a comprehensive report that includes the list of proven suppliers and competitive prices for your fantastic kitchen countertop. Compare price now.


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