Best Price Comparison Service for Interior Designers to Balance the Budget of Renovators

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

A customer-related dilemma that most interior designers face is the competitive prices of materials. You give a quote and the customer accepts it. At some point during work, the customer learns that a supplier in West London supplies the same stone at a lower price. What if this happens before you begin the work? The only solution is a systematic comparison with the aid of an experienced agency before finalising your quote.

Areas Where an Interior Designer Can Get on Top of Competition

Floor Tiles

The above-quoted example is not new to any experienced designer. You would have had similar experiences with the following materials:

i. Granite/quartz worktops.

ii. New bathroom worktops/cladding/walls.

The Advantages of Getting Accurate Information on Suppliers

Save With RatedWorktops

A reliable and reputed price comparison service will do the sweating part for you to create a price comparison table of known suppliers for different qualities. This will have the below direct effects on your business:

i. Saves a lot of time that would otherwise have been spent scrounging for suppliers.

ii. Gives you and your customer a lot of options to choose from.

iii. Increases goodwill. When you give a quote with choices, the customer will naturally get impressed. This will result in recommendations.

Interior designing for new and existing offices will require very accurate pricing since they will have put an employee to find out the best rates. The same will hold for restaurants and bars. At the same time, the procedure can take a different turn with clinic owners. They have more personal rapport with customers compared to other places of business. What if they have a material supplier as a client? Naturally, the clinic owner will ring him or her up and get the best quotes.

Saving Money Through RatedWorktops

An experienced price comparison service like RatedWorktops will get the best prices available in each segment to ensure that your quotes are the best and faultless. There are many suppliers and different rates. RatedWorktops will compile quotes from various suppliers through an elaborate process. This will enable you to select the best price and quality service.


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