Why You Should Choose Granite for Your Kitchen

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

If you're buying a new home or building it from the ground up, you need to use the best materials available. What, then, is better than granite for your kitchen? A miraculous material, granite is one of the best choices for your kitchen. Granite has a number of advantages over any other material that you might be thinking of using.

Spilled something hot? No worries!

Granite is resistant to heat, making it perfect for kitchen use.

Accidentally dropped wine on the countertop?

Granite has low porosity, making it highly stain resistant! One wipe and your countertop is pristine!

Dropped something heavy on your countertop?

Granite is incredibly durable and resilient - it won't even crack!

It can weather any and all day-to-day mishaps that might happen in the kitchen without flinching. Even the colour of granite fades slowly, despite sun exposure. It is even resistant to UV rays.

Benefits of granite

So given all this, you might be wondering, is it possible to use this incredible material around the house without it burning a hole in your pocket? The answer is yes. Modern quarrying and fabrication methods have slashed prices massively, with no drop in quality. Before modern methods were adopted, massive blocks of granite needed to be quarried and then painstakingly carved into the needed shapes by hand. Now, with the advent of drilling equipment, back holes and CNC machines, what was once used in palaces and mansions can now be used by anyone in their homes.

Save With RatedWorktops

Granite worktops are one of the best investments you can make for your new house. Beautiful, functional and convenient, granite worktops make living wonderful. But high-quality granite countertops can be unnecessarily expensive, and kitchen countertop replacement is a major investment. To make the best decision, head on over to RatedWorktops and compare prices before confirming the deal with your supplier. After all, don't you want only the best for your home?


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