£50 cashback

£50 cash back when you confirm a quote with one of our suppliers. Simply, get back to us when your project is being installed and fully paid. We verify with the supplier and pay you cashback on the day.

Ts&Cs apply


Terms & Conditions:

1- The cashback is subject to confirming a quote within 28 days of receiving your price list, or before the list expires, whichever comes first. Your price list expiry date is the Estimate Installation Date you provided at the time of filling the form.

2- You will get your cashback only after your project is being installed and the cost is full paid as per the quote provided in the list. Please email us a proof of payment from the supplier. This could be an email or a receipt. 

3- All revised offers you may received from RatedWorktops, or direct from suppliers, are not eligible for cashback.

4- You must request your cashback within 14 days of installing the project.